Site Investigations, Remediation & Closure

SoundEarth provides a full suite of services to deliver development-ready sites from due diligence through regulatory closure. Our integrated services approach ranges from collecting data and developing the remediation cost estimates to implementing the final approach during construction. SoundEarth works with clients to transform a contaminated site into a clean site ready for development.

Our staff members have performed thousands of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for private and public agency clients who required a thorough understanding and interpretation of the site, as well as a detailed presentation of anticipated remedial costs prior to purchasing or redeveloping a property.

A comprehensive understanding of environmental impacts associated with past, present, and future land uses allows our clients to strategically negotiate reductions in cost or to evaluate the feasibility of property redevelopment in conjunction with remediation.

Regulatory Permitting, Strategies & Negotiations

We work closely with our clients to develop strategies for permitting programs and agency relations. We assist in collecting, analyzing, and organizing information to effectively present to agencies, leading clients through a successful environmental review and permitting processes at the local, state and federal levels, as well as with shoreline permits. From initial field investigations through permit review, construction, and mitigation monitoring, we aim for the highest level of accuracy and scientific precision in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

We also conduct multi-media environmental audits and assist in the strategy and creation of environmental compliance reports environmental management systems, and sustainability reports.

Litigation Support

SoundEarth’s mediation and technical support services help clients resolve issues before they escalate. We conduct forensic investigations, perform independent third- party reviews, work with client legal teams to develop cost-allocation strategies and alternative cost estimates, and invoke our well-earned credibility with regulators to help clients negotiate issues of environmental liability.

Sometimes legal action is unavoidable to protect or enforce a client’s rights. When that is the case, SoundEarth acts as a valuable addition to the legal team, bringing strong client advocacy through the application of sound scientific principles to the courtroom or deposition. We provide expert witness testimony in the fields of hydrologic engineering, aquifer geology, sediment transport, groundwater hydrology and chemistry, contaminant fate and transport, water resources supply planning, groundwater well field design, and aquifer testing and analysis.

Environmental Engineering

SoundEarth maintains a diverse engineering staff comprised of environmental, chemical, civil, stormwater, and remediation engineers, all top specialists in their fields. Because the engineering discipline is broad, so are our services. Our engineering group has more than 100 years of combined design and field experience.