Employee Spotlight: Will Hafner

Will Hafner, Senior Project Manager at SoundEarth Strategies, helps improve the environments in which we live and work by assisting clients in addressing contaminated sediment issues and obtaining and evaluating data relative to their regulatory objectives. In graduate school, he studied the atmospheric fate and transport of persistent organic contaminants like polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), pesticides and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Will continues to use the technical skills he learned as a consultant with a focus on contaminated sediments, including sampling and analytical methods and understanding statistical techniques for evaluating patterns in the data.

“I’ve partnered with a range of clients in my career, including regulatory agencies like the Washington Department of Ecology, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and private clients. Much of my work over the last several years has been supporting private clients in the cost allocation process for Superfund sites.”

Will has been providing expert support at the Portland Harbor Superfund site. Portland Harbor is considered one of Superfund’s “mega-sites” with nearly 100 potentially responsible parties. He supports clients in evaluating their data and operational history relative to nearby parties, culminating in an expert report due later this year.

Recently, Will has been part of a concerted push within SoundEarth Strategies to expand our client base through targeted business development and large proposal efforts. “I enjoy the strategy of working on proposals and working with our team to continually improve our products,” he shared. Outside of work, Will enjoys hiking, camping and other outdoor activities with his family.

Have questions regarding contaminated sediment and data management support? You can reach Will by emailing whaftner@soundearthinc.com