From the CEO’s Desk

As we reflect on 2021 and look ahead to new opportunities, we surely will face new challenges (and certainly some continued ones!) in 2022. The new year is about looking forward to many of us; it has always been that way for me. Given how unusual and challenging the past few years have been, though, I feel it is important to look back and thank you for how well you have all responded. Thank you to our employees for continuing to solve problems and overcome the issues we face, regardless of whether they are project-related, administrative, or a result of COVID. There is no doubt that 2021 presented us with a great many challenges, and the pandemic that has affected much of our community continues to present new hurdles for us all. I am extremely proud that 100 percent of you have chosen to be vaccinated. Having received the vaccine and booster myself and then testing positive for what I assume is the omicron variant, I can report that I personally experienced little if any symptoms at all. I’ve heard the same from others around the company. Thank you for adhering to our COVID policies and for looking out for your co-workers (including me!) the way that you have. I also am extremely impressed with how you’ve continued to adapt and stay productive despite the continued shifts in working arrangements, masking requirements, site access issues, collaboration opportunities, and closures/re-openings/more closures throughout our communities. I’ve watched you achieve and exceed our goals despite the challenges we’ve faced, and your commitment to client service and that “get it done” mentality continues to amaze me.

Thank you to our clients for your continued business and trust in us. We know the pandemic has challenged you as well, yet we have continued to see projects pushed forward, new opportunities associated with your continued business interests, and strengthened relationships despite the limits to our in-person interactions. The last few months have been the busiest for us since the pandemic started, and we’re ready for more. As we continue to support more of your work, I assure you that your health and safety during these times will remain a priority, and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure that your projects remain on schedule while safeguarding your employees, sites, and visitors.

Thank you to our communities for continuing to persevere and adapt. We remain committed to improving the environments in which we live and work, and though these days often require more than environmental consulting, the closures we all have experienced remind us of what we all are all working on. We are all battle-tested, and there certainly will be more battles however small or large. Regardless of weather issues, supply chain problems, inflation, labor shortages, “the Great Resignation”, and yes, the new variants yet to come, it feels more than ever that we got this!

Thank you all, and I wish you a happy, healthy, and fulfilling 2022!

-Nim Desai CEO