New Partnership: Soundview Consultants

Soundview Consultants LLC (SVC) has teamed up with SES. Currently, our team is working on a sediment project in Skagit County. This partnership combines the strength of SES’s site and sediment quality investigations with SVC’s land use planning specialty. SVC’s Scientists, Environmental Planners, Wetland Scientists, and Project Managers have extensive training and experience in site planning and design, project coordination, permitting, and management. Their services of focus include:

  • Natural and Aquatic Resource Assessments, including wetland and ordinary high water delineations and site assessments;
  • Environmental Planning, including documentation, code review, and mapping; * Land Use and Regulatory Compliance Services, including site planning to ensure land is being used properly; and
  • Aquatic Permitting, necessary for docks, boat ramps, bulkheads, and other shoreline projects requiring in-water work.