SoundEarth Strategies Builds a Relationship with Red Barn Engineering

At SoundEarth Strategies, Inc. (SoundEarth), we see the value in building relationships with our clients, attorneys, the regulatory community, and other consultants in order to tackle the multifaceted environmental problems we deal with on a daily basis. We seek out relationships that are mutually beneficial to all the stakeholders that will help forge creative solutions to today’s environmental challenges. 

SoundEarth has forged a relationship with Red Barn Engineering to provide our clients with civil engineering services, permitting, and natural resources services. Red Barn complements and enhances these existing services that SoundEarth offers and adds a level of sophistication beyond what we currently can provide within those services. Our firms teamed together on some recent projects, including a stream restoration project in Kirkland, WA, and a project that necessitated the evaluation and permitting of a residential stormwater infiltration facility in Woodway, WA. Red Barn also advises SoundEarth on an off-channel stream restoration monitoring program in Bothell, Washington. These days, there is a hotline between SoundEarth and Red Barn where ideas, technology, and a joint vision for the future of both companies are shared. 

If you have any questions about this partnership or how our firm can help you reach your environmental goals, please don’t hesitate in contacting us