Mindy Graddon, LG, PMP – Associate Geologist

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Mindy is a Washington State Licensed Geologist and a Project Management Professional. Since 2007 her work has focused on applied geology, with responsibilities of well installation and decommissioning oversight, geologic characterization, sample collection, coordination of site access and subcontractor work, and fieldwork scheduling. Mindy has the unique training and qualifications to serve as a health and safety officer for federal projects, creating and reviewing health and safety plans, and managing on-site health and safety meetings, project oversight, and documentation.

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Kyle Lowery, GIT – Project Geologist

Kyle Lowery

Kyle’s experience primarily includes subsurface investigations such as direct push, hollow-stem, hand auger drilling, USCS soil classifications and soil sampling. His expertise also includes groundwater monitoring, development and sampling, test pit sampling, sediment sampling, remedial observations during piling installation and excavations, data tabulation and mapping.>

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Caroline Dickey – Staff Geologist

Caroline Dickey

Caroline’s experience primarily includes Phase II subsurface investigations, excavation and drilling oversight, USCS soil classifications and soil sampling, groundwater monitoring, development and sampling, test pit sampling, and remedial observations during piling installations and excavations. Her experience also includes data tabulation, mapping, and technical report writing.

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Jonathan Loeffler, LG – Project Geologist

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Jonathan is a licensed geologist with professional experience in a wide variety of technical and task management roles. His areas of expertise include environmental subsurface investigations, geotechnical and environmental drilling oversight, geophysical surveying, groundwater monitoring, remedial excavation oversight, project planning coordination, and technical report writing. He enjoys occasionally kayaking to work!

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