Tom Cammarata, LG, LHG – Principal Geochemist


Tom is a licensed geologist and hydrogeologist in Washington State with an advanced degree in the field of Geochemistry. He has extensive experience in environmental consulting includes evaluating freshwater and marine sediment quality under the SMS, performing aquifer testing, conducting natural attenuation studies, performing statistical analyses, modeling the fate and transport chemicals in soil, air, and water, conducting forensic studies, and providing expert witness services. Tom also has considerable experience in the regulatory closure of facilities under MTCA. Tom is bilingual with Arabic as his second language.

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Ryan Bixby, LG – Managing Principal

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Ryan has experience working on complex environmental projects and is a registered professional geologist specializing in due diligence and solutions for a variety of environmental problems. He has completed hundreds of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), including more than 500 Phase I ESAs alone. Ryan has managed the evaluation of contamination sources and the extent of contamination associated with current and historical land uses on numerous remediation projects. He has worked closely with local, state, regulatory agencies to receive site closure and No Further Actions through the Voluntary Cleanup Program and Ecology’s formal programs. In addition, Ryan has provided litigation support to assign and direct cost recovery efforts for clients under the Washington State Model Toxics Control Act.

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