The Lasting Importance of a Deliverable: How Company Reports and Documents Impact Your Brand

chart data desk 590022 webWhat exactly are the visuals of a company?

The website, presenting company profiles, photos, and projects.

The company offices, presenting the company culture and personality.

The in-person consultations and conversations, presenting the opportunity for clients to see and get to know you on a human level.

And then there are the company deliverables, presenting not only the detailed research and well-earned expertise of a company, in the form of reports, tables, graphs, and figures, but also the company brand and “signature.”

All the visuals contribute to the success of a company. However, the report deliverables remain long after projects are completed. Reports can be retrieved from the databases of regulators, organizations, and companies. Reports and project data can have a long history and a vivid memory. So, the company signature lives on. Does that signature reflect the company’s continuity, integrity, dependability, attention to detail, well-thought-out research, conclusions, and recommendations? Or is it more informal, a bit fragmented, disorganized, and inconsistent, sometimes including red-flag words that overstate or misrepresent information—denoting a guarantee, overdue responsibility, or absolute value, leaving the company vulnerable to liability claims?

SoundEarth recognizes the significance of document production on behalf of our clients. Our Project Quality (PQ) department has spearheaded the presentation of these deliverables through behind-the-scenes editing and production skills and expertise—with an eye for balance and beauty in print. High-quality company deliverables are expertly edited for accuracy, clarity, readability, and liability; uniformly formatted with specific color, font, and style palettes; and moved through numerous software programs and draft to final versions, before being presented to clients and regulators. Our team includes editors, QA/QC reviewers, and production coordinators with expertise to produce superior deliverables that have been noted by the Washington State Department of Ecology, developers, utilities, and attorneys throughout the Pacific Northwest.

And now, the PQ department not only supports SoundEarth’s geologists, engineers, chemists, and scientists, but offers training and coaching, technical editing, QA/QC, and template creation services to other companies.

Does your company signature need an upgrade? Let our senior editor structure a grammar/punctuation/sentence seminar to help your writers improve their ability to follow the rules, conventions, and preferences associated with formal English, covering what matters most in documents that directly relate to your company discipline. Our PQ department can also help your company develop report, letter, memo, and table templates to support your individual company style and signature across deliverables, and help with any large production needs you might have.

Contact: Hilda Ballard and Derra Moyers